healthy-manThere is one very huge determination we made here recently. If you read our previous post you will see that we encourage people to be healthy. However men (or at least the men around here) don’t really seem to care about making better choices. We go outside every single day and see these men that are super overweight orders a large burger and fries. Its no secret that fast food is by far the worst food you can eat.

People and companies make sites like all of the time to try and sell men a easy solution to their problems. However often time is just a band-aid to the real problems that exist. If there would just eat stuff that has less fat, they would not have clogged arteries and they would not suffer from erectile dysfunction!

If you wish to do so you can contact CAEPM directly on their site. We encourage you to go there and ask them some questions about the products they offer and promote. If you get any good answers back, let us know in the comments below so we can all share a good laugh.