Recently I was on the eating well website and I decided to take a look at the steak recipes section. Just after a few minutes of browsing around I got super excited and decided to cook something. Throughout the whole entire time I was cooking I kept refraining from adding it stuff that would just make it super unhealthy. Right now I am trying to watch my calories. This is mainly so because my doctor told me I should. He also told me that lots of men like to over-indulge but don’t think about all of the negative consequences. The biggest thing that suffers is a mans belly and reproductive system. Lots of men carry lots of fat in their belly area. This lowers the amount of testosterone and in turn creates havoc throughout the whole body. With all that being said, in the end I cooked a very lean steak and it was still great. I was not hungry afterwards so there was no need to snack on any other junk. Its also a very common trap where people eat a small meal in order to lose weight but then later on start snaking on other super unhealthy stuff. This last trip to the doctor made me want to take better care of myself and you should too. What is the point of everything else in life you aren’t healthy?